Could Blind Faith Cause the Collapse of Christianity?

Faith is admittedly the essential element of any religion. Blind faith, however, is a totally different matter. Blind faith compels theologians to twist and contort their explanation of scripture in order to make it fit the literal interpretation of the Bible, rather than to use sound reasoning and logic to find the Bible’s true meaning.

If this same method of discovery was applied to our technology, I’m afraid we would all still be driving horse drawn buggies instead of modern automobiles and using the telegraph instead of smart phones to communicate with one another. 

We are all encouraged to “think outside the box” but today’s church doctrine is still confined to the same box it was in 250 years ago.  This becomes apparent by the mass exodus of church members leaving in favor of something more attainable and believable. Just what that something is remains unclear; atheism perhaps?

Of course there will always be those few individuals faithful enough to believe whatever they’re told without question. Perhaps this will be enough to save the church,

but if the truth means anything, I implore you to read on.

Below are valid examples of how blind faith has contorted and concealed truth. Anyone with common sense should be able to follow along in this line of reasoning without too much difficulty.

The fact is, 100% of all known Christian denominations believe and teach that Adam and Eve were the first humans that God created. And when I say 100%, I mean absolutely without exception! But Is Adam and Eve’s assigned position in biblical history factual? I think not!!

Throughout the Pentateuch (the five Books of Moses) God classifies all humans into only two groups, Hebrews and Gentiles. Hebrews are the descendants of Abraham. Gentiles include all other races of people who are not Hebrew. 

We know that Jesus was Hebrew (Jew). Therefore, everyone in Jesus’ heritage preceding him had to be Hebrew as well; from David, to Moses, to Abraham , to Noah and finally Adam. We know this because the Bible declares Jesus’ entire ancestry to be pure Hebrew.

Using the Bible as our source, the book of Luke further confirms this, as it lists all 77 generations of Hebrews starting from Jesus and going completely back to Adam. So, it has been undeniably confirmed that Adam could only have been the first Hebrew that God created, not the first human.

Now think about it. If Adam had been the first and only man God ever created 6,000 years ago, we would all be Hebrew today. So obviously this cannot possibly be true.

The Bible clearly announces the creation of the first human, (Gentile) in Genesis, Chapter 1 verses 26-27. Coinciding with these verses, science confirms modern man to have appeared in the fossil record 250-500,000 years ago, after the creation of plant life, exactly where the Bible places it. But clearly, this was not Adam!

Adam, the first Hebrew, was created a mere 6,000 years ago in Chapter 2, verse 7, so he was clearly not a Gentile.

So how could the church make such a blunder? Blind faith! By merely assuming the Bible is meant to be taken literally, this mistaken identity of Adam is still being taught as fact to unwitting followers.

What other blunders are being committed by using blind faith instead of sound reasoning? It gets worse.

Adam has been wrongly accused of committing the original sin, and so therefore, responsible for both sin and death in the world. But since Adam was not the original man, he could not have committed the original sin. Mankind (Gentile) had been sinning for hundreds of thousands of years before Adam was ever created.

To carry this mistake to a ridiculous extreme, the church has even made this erroneous belief the centerpiece of Christian doctrine, and the very reason for the coming of Christ! What an absurd conclusion! 

Adam already made restitution for his sin. He was immediately ejected from Eden and forced to till the craggy soil for his existence for the rest of his life. Isn’t God’s punishment adequate restitution for Adam’s sin? And if restitution doesn’t provide reparation for wrongdoing, what would be the purpose of doling out punishment in the first place?

Aren’t we really refusing to accept God’s judgment and Adam’s reparation for his sin by holding Adam eternally responsible for death and sin in this world?

Unfortunately, Adam has become both our reason for sinning as well as our convenient scapegoat. We can so easily shift the blame of our shortcomings to Adam, because obviously a few Hail Mary’s will fix everything.

Verily I say unto you . . . Isn’t it time to get a second opinion? Do you really believe that an extremely organized and loving God would make everything so complex and confusing that His divine word defies comprehension?

There has been a new understanding of the holy scriptures developed over the last fifteen years called the God Anomaly Hypothesis. This new interpretation takes into account, reliable, scientific evidence, which surprisingly supports the Bible when using today’s sound logic and reasoning. This new understanding of the Bible has been made available in a book called “The GOD Anomaly”.

There is a strong possibility that adopting a more believable doctrine would reverse the hemorrhaging process the church has been experiencing over the last several decades. 

Of course, anything new is always viewed with a jaundiced eye by skeptics, but If you truly want simple, understandable answers to the difficult questions about God and the Christian faith, “The GOD Anomaly” is a must read. 

Uncommonly priced at only $4.95 for a downloadable PDF, you will be amazed by how the Bible’s unexplainable mysteries will suddenly melt away into total clarity. Satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked. Order your copy today.

You can learn more about it by clicking on the God Anomaly book image on the sidebar of this post. If you’re viewing this post on a mobile device, click the “desktop” tab below to pull up the sidebar.

Hi. I’m Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.

About C Robert Follett

Hi. I'm Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.
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