The Fallacies of Chromsomal Fusion

There’s an old expression “You can’t see the forest for the trees”, meaning that one is so focused on the details that they can’t see the overall picture. I believe this is especially true with the recent scientific discovery regarding the presumed, beneficial mutation, which science believes fused two of ape’s chromosomes together to form the human chromosome #2, resulting in creating modern man six million years ago. (See illustration above)

In any article you read on the topic of genetics, the author uses verbiage like vestigial centromere, vestigial telomeres and G-banding ideograms, which makes most of us feel locked out of understanding the issue.

So let’s see if we can get a better view of the forest by backing off a ways, and using some good old fashion common sense and logic.

First of all, if this  complex fusion of chromosome parts, does indeed describe the process of evolution, then this same identical process had to occur each and every time that a plant or animal evolved to a higher life form. This means that this rare mutation has apparently taken place hundreds of thousands of times throughout earth’s history. Does this sound like a reasonable assumption? I’ve always been told that mutations are rare, and that beneficial mutations are even more rare.

In the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, in order not to be discovered as a fraud, the Wizard exclaimed through his megaphone, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

In effect, I believe this is what the proponents of the chromosome fusion theory are doing, by suggesting that the fusing together of apes’ p2 and q2 chromosomes took place gradually over a period of millions of years, and by using confusing verbiage to distract us from seeing the larger picture.

But let’s get real. If evolution is true, the process didn’t take place in a test tube, void of reproductive processes, nor did it occur on a tree stump, deep in the woods over a period of millions of years. The first human had to be born from the womb of a living female creature that was something other then human. If we give scientific theorists their due, then that mother had to be some genus of the ape family.

Now I’m appealing to your common sense and sound logic here. These are the facts concerning the law of genetics:

All physical traits, as well as the sex of the offspring, are determined by the chromosomes. Each parent passes along copies of half of their chromosomes to their young. All apes have 48 chromosomes and all humans have 46 chromosomes. So there’s the rub. How do you get from 48 to 46, in order for an ape’s offspring to be the first human?

In the case above, let’s assume that Mrs. Ape has been blessed with that miraculous “chromosome fusion”, which gives her 46 chromosomes, just like humans.

She first needs to mate with another ape in order to produce an offspring. Mr. Ape comes along and accommodates her. The problem is, Mr. Ape has 48 chromosomes, just like all the other apes.

So, Mrs. Ape passes along half her 46 chromosomes, which is 23, but Mr. Ape also contributes half of his chromosomes, which is 24. This gives the newborn 47 chromosomes, which we know is not human. But even if this little newborn did come into this world as the first human, he or she would be sterile and therefore unable to reproduce.

How do we know this? Consider the plight of the mule. A male and female mule can never produce another mule. Every time a mule is born, it has actually been the product of cross breeding a horse, which has 64 chromosomes, with a donkey, which has 62 chromosomes. This gives the baby mule 63 chromosomes. Because it cannot pass along half of an odd number of chromosomes, there is no way it can reproduce. The same thing would be true with our ape to human example above.

In order for the chromosome fusion theory to work, here are the conditions, which must be met:

  1. There would need to be two separate apes that have both been blessed with the exact same mutation, giving them each 46 chromosomes, instead of the customary 48, caused by what science is calling “chromosomal fusion”.
  2. These particular apes would need to be of the opposite sex in order to produce an offspring.
  3. These particular apes would need to be living in the same generation.
  4. These particular apes would need to be living in the same ape colony in order to meet up.
  5. The male ape would need to be physically attracted to this particular female ape.
  6. This particular male ape would need to be physically able to fight off all other male suitors.
  7. Finally, these two particular apes would need to share in coitus and successfully produce an offspring.

If all seven of these conditions were met, will the offspring be human? . . Well, it doesn’t really matter since there won’t be any other humans with which to mate, in order to propagate the human race. So you see, the theory just doesn’t work.

Let’s face it. The theory of chromosomal fusion is just another of many feeble attempts over the past 150 years, to forestall the inevitable truth. God created all of earth’s beautiful creatures just as they are, and not through the process of evolution.

Hi. I’m Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.

About C Robert Follett

Hi. I'm Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.
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