SCIENCE VS. RELIGION: Whoever you are, Whatever you believe, Everything is about to change.

Have you ever wondered why there exists such a huge chasm between the beliefs of science and religion?

The war between science and religion has raged ever since Copernicus published his findings in a work called  ‘De revolutionibus orbium coelestium’. in which he formulated a fully predictive model of the universe in which the Earth is just another planet orbiting the Sun. But this went against the church’s belief that the earth was the center of the universe, so for fear of being branded a heretic by the Christian Church, he waited until he was on his deathbed in 1543 before publishing the book.

Today, Christian doctrine still teaches that the universe is 6,000 years old, while the field of science claims the “Big Bang” occurred nearly 15 billion years ago. And today, these discrepancies in belief are no closer to being settled than they were in Copernicus’ day.

My name is C. Robert Follett and I am the world’s leading secular authority on the Old Testament. I don’t make that claim boastfully nor do I take it lightly. The operative word here is (secular). While absolutely all other Bible authorities have religious backgrounds and have received their knowledge and training directly from religious seminaries, mine is non-religious. In other words, I am a freethinker, not burdened by the centuries old rhetoric of the church. In fact, my views have not been influenced by either religion or science.

Because of this extremely unique position, I have been able to successfully extricate myself from the very thing that has prevented others from knowing the breathtaking truth about answers to the fundamental questions of our human existence. . . Where did we come from? . . . Where are we going?

I am the developer of the God Anomaly Hypothesis, the world’s only hypothesis that is based strictly on scientific evidence as well as the ancient, Hebrew biblical texts.

My discovery confirms a perfectly cohesive relationship between today’s science and centuries old Hebrew scripture when certain inaccuracies are removed in both fields of science and religion.

But sadly, forces from both camps are hard at work, trying to assure that this truth never sees the light of day.

If the truth about religion were known, that all denominations of the Christian faith have been following a false doctrine since the time of Alexander the Great, the fear is, that correcting church doctrine could only cause a condition of total upheaval and a possible collapse of religion as we know it today.

On the other hand, if the truth about science were known, that their landmark theory on evolution actually contradicts the laws of genetics, and therefore, what appears to be “species evolving” are actually unrelated similarities between species, chosen to be that way by a master planner of the universe, their fear is that admitting to the existence of a creator God would do away with what has become a multi-billion dollar “evolution industry”, destroying credibility in the process, and setting the entire scientific community back for decades.

So both science and religion have valid reasons for not wanting the truth to come out. But I believe that secret agendas should not remain secret forever, that a greater good will be served by knowing the truth.

I have made my complete hypothesis available to everyone in a downloadable book called “The GOD Anomaly”, which you will find in the sidebar of this post. A modest fee of $4.95 will help to promote its distribution. If you’re viewing this from a smart phone, you may have to choose “full screen” instead of mobile.

As an added bonus, when you purchase the GOD Anomaly PDF book, I will send you the link to a special supplement from my book, the AWAKENING, which takes you through eight simple steps, proving that evolution is impossible based on the very laws of genetics that have been firmly established by the field of science.

I will also send you a second bonus; an article from the God Anomaly Blog that explains very clearly in laymen terms, why a Creator Being is the only answer to man’s age old question . . . Why there is life?

The moment of truth has come . . .




Hi. I’m Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.

About C Robert Follett

Hi. I'm Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.
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