The Stolen Identity of Adam

Everyone today is painfully aware and very fearful of identity theft. But did you know that Adam (the alleged first human) had his identity stolen by modern Christianity, and the church is still reaping the benefits?  

But how can that possibly be, you may ask? Now, just stop and think about this . . . Christian doctrine dictates that Adam was the first and only man that God ever created. If this is true, then all of humanity is ultimately related to Adam. That means that there is no distinction between Jews and the rest of humanity (Gentiles), because having the same ancestry would eliminate the very distinction that makes a Jew a Jew. By definition, Jews are the descendants of Abraham, who in turn was a descendant of Adam.

So, Gentiles, (anyone who is not a Jew) cannot possibly be Abraham’s descendants, nor related to Adam in any way, otherwise, all of humanity would be Jews.

This can only mean one thing; there had to be two separate creations of man, one for the Gentiles and a separate creation for Adam, who would have been the first Hebrew, not the first man.

This fact is easily proven by simply reading Genesis. The first modern human (Gentile) was created at Genesis 1:26-27. Since we all carry DNA from these early humans in Africa, who began to migrate all over the earth 60,000 years ago, our true heritage is really impossible to deny.  And then finally, Adam was created 6,000 years ago at Genesis 2:7-8. 

We must remember that all the early Christian church members were Jews. All the disciples were Jews. And aside from Cornelius the Centurion, all the Apostles were Jews. In fact, it wasn’t until the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as their official religion that it became predominately Gentile. 

So clearly, Adam’s identity was stolen by Christianity, after becoming a predominantly non Jewish religion. This happened when the church began to assume that Adam was the first and only human that God ever created. 

So, why won’t the church give back Adam’s stolen identity by correcting their doctrine?

Reason 1. – Church tradition has become more important than truth.

Reason 2. – The church would lose credibility by admitting a longstanding error in church doctrine.

Reason 3. – Correcting church doctrine would mean the loss of Adam as Christianity’s scapegoat. (Adam has wrongly been made solely responsible for sin and death in the world, but sin and death were present long before Adam was created.)

Reason 4. – and the most important reason of all . . . Admitting to two separate creations of mankind would change the very reason for Christ’s coming, thereby changing the church’s New Testament doctrine as well.

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Hi. I’m Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.

About C Robert Follett

Hi. I'm Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.
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