The real truth about what the Bible says, has been sealed off and entombed for 1700 years. Only by shining a light on the ancient Hebrew scrolls, can we remove the shroud of false doctrine that conceals God's true word. But this would be a huge embarrassment for the church, so it may forever remain buried. Truth may never prevail!

This book explores how the invasions of Alexander the Great and a misplaced historic identity by early church leaders played an important role in creating the world's greatest unintentional cover-up.

In The God Anomaly you will learn the answers to sixteen of the Old Testament mysteries, previously deemed to be unknowable and unsolvable by theologians; everything from the six day creation to Noah's Ark, to the coming of Christ, and the true significance of these events.

The author presents a compelling view of how a 1,700-year-old mistake in translation still guides the church today. Don't pass up this chance to peek behind the curtain of “accepted church doctrine” to see what's really there. Written after 10 years of meticulous research, this book is 133 pages of scriptural backed reasoning that truly hits the mark. Priced to fit any budget at only $4.95

This book is guaranteed to answer more troubling questions about the Bible than any book ever written, or your money back!

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Belief is a strange thing. It isn’t based on any particular set of rules, theorems or axioms. So belief isn’t an exact science like math. Instead, beliefs are simply based on the knowledge we are taught by others before us; passed down from generation to generation and accepted as truth. But what if that initial belief was wrong?

The Seven Problems that Indicate Christian Doctrine (set of beliefs) Should Be Questioned:

Problem #1: In the Bible, there are at least 21 verses espousing the belief that the church should be as “one”. Many of these are from Christ Himself. Typical among them is 1 Corinthians 12:20 "But now there are many members, but one body..."

Today, while sources suggest Christian denominations can be divided into “six major ecclesiastic-cultural mega blocks”, Wikipedia identifies at least 40 denominations whose differences are great enough to be identified. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary estimated 34,000 denominations in 2000, rising to an estimated 43,000 in 2012.

A unified belief among a few denominations would be a good indicator of solidarity and truth. But 43,000 denominations with scattered beliefs should indicate mass confusion about the right path to follow.

Problem #2: Latest polls indicate that more than 50% of all Americans, including Christians, do NOT believe what the Bible says about an instant and miraculous creation of the universe, the earth or mankind. Instead, they believe in evolution. While the Theory of Evolution has never been proven, more than a significant number of Christians take the word of science over the word of the Bible.

Problem #3: Absolutely NONE of the denominations can respond to the huge discrepancies that exist between science and religion on the topics of:

a. Age of the universe…Science 14,500,000,000 years…Christianity 6,000 years.

b. Age of the Earth…Science 4,500,000,000 years…Christianity 6,000 years.

c. Age of humanity…Science 250,000-500,000 years…Christianity 6,000 years.

Problem #4: Absolutely NONE of the denominations can resolve or explain the many mysteries of the Old Testament, mysteries like the Six Day Creation, Noah’s Ark, the Identity of Cain’s Wife, as well as 13 other stories identified and tagged as unsolvable. Religion’s view: “These stories must be taken on faith.”

Problem #5: Even though the professed aim of Christianity is the teaching of truth, it is obvious that the great chasm that exists between science and religion offers two choices: Either God’s word is true or man’s interpretation of God’s word is true. Christianity has found itself on the path of the latter.

Problem #6: Christianity as a whole absolutely refuses to consider anything other than their narrow, literal interpretation of the Bible. This reflects nothing more than stubborn pride, an unwillingness to admit to errors in interpreting the Bible at any cost, rather than to find a “defensible position of belief”.

Problem #7: There has been a steady global trend toward atheism, which the “Church” ignores. This is likely an indication that church doctrine is no longer credible. But still they stand firm, defying change.

These seven problems collectively are a clear indication that something is wrong with what we are told to believe. But how could the entire Christian religion, including its many thousands of splinter groups, divisions and subdivisions have misread what the Bible says?


After the invasions of Alexander the Great, 356-323 BC, the entire Mediterranean area had become Hellenized (of Greek influence). Greek became the accepted language of the masses. Even the Hebrew rabbis had all but forgotten their native tongue in favor of the new Greek language. With the passing of time, these rabbis could no longer read or understand their own scriptures. That’s when the Hebrews engaged 70 elders who could still understand Hebrew to translate the original scriptures (the Pentateuch) into Greek. This version of the Pentateuch became known as the Septuagint.

Problem was, key words metaphorically written by Moses in Hebrew had different literal meanings in Greek. So, the intended analogy was lost. Unfortunately, these flawed scriptures were added to the Christian Bible about 300 AD, and today, represent the first five books of the Old Testament. So these are the same flawed scriptures we are reading in our Bibles, only in a different language. Quite simply, it is impossible to accurately understand the true meaning of the Bible using flawed scripture as a basis from which to interpret.

But something else happened. When the Old Testament writings of the ancient Hebrews were added to the new Christian Bible over 1700 years ago, the early Christian church, whose membership quickly became largely Gentile, began to view themselves as sharing a common heritage with the ancient Hebrews who had written the Old Testament. After all, they were human just like the Hebrews were human, so they must have the same heritage.

But while its true the Christian Gentile’s beliefs had a common “heritage” with the early Christian Hebrew beliefs, their actual, physical heritage had nothing in common with that of the Hebrews. This is the real key to fully understanding where things began to go so wrong. The Gentiles began to assume that they were also descendants of Abraham, and so therefore, also descendants of Adam. And so Adam was viewed as being the first human that God created, instead of the first Hebrew God created.

This same fatal flaw carries forward into our modern day belief. But it’s just as wrong today as it was over 1700 years ago. You see, we Gentiles do share a common creator with Hebrews, but we do NOT share a common creation. According to the Bible, it is clearly documented that Adam was created in the year 4004 BC, just 6020 years ago. But scientific evidence from human remains unearthed in northern Africa reliably carbon dates our own human existence to be at least 250,000 years ago. This fact is hard to deny when we all carry DNA proven to originate with these early humans.

Those unearthed, human remains are clearly the beginning of the Gentile races of people…totally separate from Adam’s creation. It becomes clear that this is why God has classified all people into two broad categories in the Bible as either Hebrew or Gentile. So, ironically, the battle between science and religion that’s been going on for the past 150 years is apparently unwarranted. Is it any wonder that Christianity has drifted so far off course?


Thirteen years ago, when I discovered this “flaw” in Christianity, I was just as shocked as I’m sure you are, reading about my revelation today. But you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. You just can’t imagine how much a separate Adamic line of humanity changes the true meaning of the Bible. Over these past thirteen years, I have developed an entire hypothesis based on my findings. When I did this, I began applying it to the various mysteries of the Bible. To my astonishment, that which has been considered unknowable, and thereby largely sidestepped in sermons, has become totally clear to me.

I’m excited for you to know, as I do, how Noah and his small gathering did indeed navigate the infamous flood that has become so unbelievable by the masses. Today, the flood is considered by most to simply be a fable.  I’m also anxious to tell you who Cain’s wife was (No, it was not his sister), and why people think the universe was created in only six days, while the Bible clearly indicates billions of years. I want to reveal all of this and much more…but that’s easier said than done.


While trying to get this information out to the people over the past ten years—I began by communicating with ministers and priests across the country—but my findings, although well documented, have been either trivialized or ignored altogether. I can understand this though. Seminary trained individuals have been well indoctrinated to accept only what they are taught to believe in their religion classes, without exception.


While we all enjoy the freedoms that our Constitution affords us, and of course free speech is the granddaddy of all freedoms, I found that enjoying that freedom and actually being able to utilize that freedom  are two completely different animals.

In The GOD Anomaly, I reveal everything I have learned about how the Bible should be interpreted. After being rejected by the usual list of prospective publishers, I decided my final attempt would be to contact a publisher, known for publishing controversial works. I went straight to the leader in that niche market, Barricade Books, 2037 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. In November of 2015, I sent them a portion of my finished manuscript as directed on their website. Since then, I have followed this up with my one-sided correspondence on three separate occasions. To date I have yet to receive, even the courtesy of a reply to my initial submission six months ago. All I can imagine is that I submitted something that goes well beyond the scope of their “controversialness”.


In order for you to have an opportunity to know the absolute truth about the Bible’s message, I am making The GOD Anomaly available as a PDF download. I am pricing it at only $4.95, an amount I believe anyone can afford. I’m so certain that you will find this book to be a source of enlightenment, that if you are dissatisfied for any reason, just let me know and I’ll gladly refund your money.

If you have previously found the Bible to be confusing and full of contradictory beliefs, I think you’re in for a big surprise. Simply click on the link at the bottom of this page.


Born just before the Second-World War to an upper, middle-class family in southwestern Indiana, C Robert Follett had an average upbringing in a loving, Christian home. Like most children of that era, he attended Sunday School class every Sunday morning. However, he would live most of his life never really being totally convinced of the existence of a higher power. After high school, the author married young and served honorably in the U. S. Navy, and was discharged as a radioman second-class petty officer in 1961.

Following the service, he settled into a family business and had a successful insurance career for the next twenty-four years. After the death of his father in 1979, Robert changed his career at the age of 53 and returned to a dream, which he had never had an opportunity to fulfill, that of becoming an artist. He had received encouragement from the world famous American illustrator and artist, Norman Rockwell, when he and his brother had posed for the 1957 Boy Scout calendar in January of 1955.

It was during his career as a commercial artist that the author lost the love of his life, Doreen, following a two year battle with colon cancer. The death of his wife in 2002 was the life changing event that turned his focus to the Bible, determined to break the lifelong struggle to believe in a loving God. If God existed, he wanted proof. That was the beginning of a ten year, razor sharp focus on finding the answers that he was never able to get from any book or “man of the cloth”.

Oiling the Wheels of Free Thought

Theologians are taught what and how to think about the Bible in seminary school at the beginning of their careers. This restrictive curriculum forms their opinions based on the same doctrine that has been taught by seminaries for centuries. Since we are all taught what to believe by those before us, learning this curriculum only strengthens the resistance for change and dulls the ability to think creatively. Without this traditional, biblical training, one is able to take a truly unbiased look at the Bible with a goal in mind to follow the evidence instead of religious dogma.

Only Free Thought Can Unlock the Secrets of the Old Testament

The incredible Old Testament stories, so bizarre that only blind faith could make them appear real, are actually explainable.

Questions that have been asked for centuries but never answered, finally have resolution.

. . . and yes, Noah's Ark has been found! Go see it for yourself with our Google Earth coordinates revealed in Chapter 12

A Word From The Author

“I love the word of God. I love thinking of ways to better understand the true meaning of his word, and to share the passion of my discovery with the world. That’s what this book is about.”