The World’s Strangest Secret – REVEALED!

I’m going to reveal to you, the strangest secret in the world. So strange is this secret that knowledge of it’s existence has been inaccessible throughout human history. 

Once you learn of the strangest secret, your mind will try to deny what has been uncovered, but this attempt to deny will not be supported by any kind of reasoning you can muster. Your failure in being able to compartmentalize this new information into some kind of rationale of denial will be the litmus test for knowing that you have just witnessed undeniable truth, for truth is often stranger than fiction. But once revealed, will you actually accept it? Probably not, for truth is also . . . that, which we aspire to embrace as long as it doesn’t challenge our own beliefs.”

Unfortunately, we humans are opposed to change in any form.

This truth is about a belief held by all of mankind, which has been unwavering since the beginning of recorded history. But belief is a strange thing. Belief is not an exact science like math or physics, but instead, an idea handed down throughout the ages from one generation to the next. Its dependability is really no more reliable than simple hearsay or gossip. In fact, in the field of law, belief is considered hearsay evidence and therefore not even admissible in any court. And yet, the belief I’m speaking of represents one of the world’s farthest reaching and longest standing ideologies . . . Christianity.

Here’s the first half of that secret: 

The Christian doctrine of every single denomination on earth is totally false! The Church’s beliefs are actually based on a blatant misunderstanding of biblical scripture, which occurred over 1,700 years ago, however, they’re still presenting it as fact from the pulpit of every church, synagogue and temple in the world today, and you’ve been asked to accept it on blind faith.

Haven’t you ever wondered why none of the Old Testament stories make any sense? Could God have actually created the universe in only six days when science documents the event as having taken 14.5 billion years?

Could Adam have been the first human God created a mere 6,000 years ago, when there are cave drawings by intelligent beings documented to be 20,000 years old?

How could Noah have collected and cared for gendered pairs of every animal on earth, plus store enough food to feed them for an entire year, on an Ark no bigger than a football field? These stories either have to be true or God’s Holy Bible is a pack of lies!

But, there is one other possibility, the Bible could have been grossly misinterpreted. What the Bible really says . . . Is the other half of the world’s strangest secret.

Let me declare now before continuing that I am not an agnostic or an atheist, but a devout believer in God Almighty. If you have found it difficult to believe in a supreme being, I urge you to read on.

In discovering and solving the world’s strangest secret, I have had a marked advantage over all  ministers, priests, rabbis and theologians, in that I have not been trained in a seminary school and hopelessly indoctrinated to believe the traditional, literal interpretation of the Bible. This training kills the openness of free thought needed to solve the challenging mysteries to be found in the five books of Moses, the foundation of the Christian Bible.

Fifteen years ago, being dissatisfied with the teachings of Christianity, I began an extensive exploration for answers that no person/s of the cloth were able to provide. Working without the confines of literalism, I experienced an awakening that ultimately led me to undeniable truths about understanding the word of God.

As a result, I have developed a never before considered hypotheses of the Bible called the God Anomaly Hypothesis. This hypothesis, different than anything offered before, is based not only on biblical scripture, but secular evidence as well, which is scientific in nature. This new hypothesis, and only this hypothesis, has been responsible for identifying and solving sixteen mysteries of the Old Testament, previously thought to be unknowable and unsolvable.

In order to test my findings, an offer was sent out to over 1,700 church leaders of varying denominations, asking them to refute my findings with documented comments, if they could. Absolutely none were received!

To date, I have written two books, fourteen articles and a five-part Bible study course based on my findings.

My challenge to you is this:

I am offering you my complete hypothesis in a book titled “The GOD Anomaly” in a downloadable PDF, for the cost of only $4.95.

I am so certain that my findings are irrefutable, that If you or anyone you know can disprove my assumptions, backed with demonstrable evidence to the contrary, I will refund 100 times the cost of the book, or $495.00. Undocumented opinions will not be considered.

I am inviting you to open your mind and find the truth by clicking on the link below.

Hi. I’m Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.

About C Robert Follett

Hi. I'm Bob Follett, a semi-retired watercolor artist and full time Bible enthusiast and author. I have recently moved to Colorado after living in Indiana for my entire life.
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